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Suanjairak Orchid
Address: 195 Moo 2, T.Bansing, A.Photharam, Ratchaburi, Thailand 70210
within our 37 acres of land.

Our range of orchid plants include Vanda, Orchid Species, Tolumnia, Oncidium, Dendrobium, Aranda, Renanthera, and Intergeneric Hybrids.
The variety of orchids we offer are surprising and unique as most of our hybrids have been bred and grown only by Suanjairak Orchid. Being one of the leading exporters, we always ensure that our products meet the export standards.
  • Kanith Somboonpol, Ball

    Suanjairak Orchid Owner

    The high quality is major concern for our orchid productions, therefore our orchids always meet the exporting standard and guarantee the best quality for you.

  • Siriporn Somboonpol, Nok

    Suanjairak Orchid Owner and Orchids Breeder

    Master's Degree | Crop Improvement and Biotechnology | Department of Horticulture | Kasetsart University

  • Supaporn Subpare, Mint

    Suanjairak Orchid Manager

  • Varith Somboonpol, KOK